Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve from Paris...

We're cooking up a storm here in Paris this lovely Christmas Eve... We have an ambitious menu planned (which I'll post recipes for tomorrow) but for now, I've got to get cracking on the Red Onion Confit or we won't have garnish for the fresh slices of foie-gras de canard that are meant to kick-off this gratuitous festive feast!


Fresh Seared Foie Gras De Canard 
served with homemade red onion confit... 


Whole Duck Cassoulet 
with seared lamb shoulder and garlic sausage


Maple Hazelnut Pie

Have a terrific Christmas Eve everyone, and we'll rendezvous tomorrow to discuss what we've been eating, doing, building, and dreaming about since I blogged last...

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