Sunday, January 11, 2015

Count down to something fun...

This week we're beginning our "Countdown To Something Fun". Yep. Something fun is coming full-speed-ahead down the barrel, and we're counting down the days until it happens.

(And no. I'm not having another baby, so if that's what you were thinking, sorry to disappoint...)

BUT! In anticipation of this good news, I thought we'd spend the week posting photographs of our relatively-renovated (there will always be more work) farmhouse, because everybody enjoys a little home-improvement-house-porn. Don't lie. You do...

Let's start with a fun one, the staircase and upstair's hallway:


Don't be fooled by this dreamy seafoam wall color. 
These walls are falling down


Check back in tomorrow to see our next before-and-after transformation... 
All leading up to Thursday's big announcement! 

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