Monday, January 26, 2015

Deep in the snow storm... with only my dreams to keep me warm!

Well we're only three and a half hours into the "blizzard of the century", and I'm already trolling the internet for cozy, comfortable bed linens to shield us from the storm. 

Holy piles of beautiful bedding. I just discovered this new bedding website, Parachute Home and I'm pretty much completely smitten with their linen-y-striped bedding collection. It looks so warm and inviting, but simultaneously, I can also imagine using it in the summer and having it feel breezy and bright. Not only is the aesthetic perfect for our farmhouse, but finding bed linens that work year round is no easy task. I'm pretty psyched.

It doesn't hurt that every time I look at that photo, I start to design-salivate.

Yep. That's a thing. 

If you've spent much time with me or seen photos of any of our bedrooms, you probably already know that I'm pretty hardcore-slash-a- little-ridiculous when it comes to bedding (down duvets, down pillows, LOTS of pillows...) and I take my whole bed situation extremely seriously.

I'm not kidding! We all spend way too much time in our beds to be sleeping with depressing thread-bare blankets and floppy sad pillows that make our necks hurt in the morning. It's just not cool. When I get into bed every night, I want to feel like I'm climbing into a decadent hotel bed-- layers of big puffy pillows, a soft fluffy duvet in a cool, restful print, and if I'm really feeling posh, some kind of throw blanket that I can snuggle up with when I'm not ready to get all the way in just yet. Since I probably can't afford to stay in that fancy, decadent hotel of my imagination anytime soon, the least I can do is recreate it in my home by scouring Parachute's website instead.

Maybe I can go to that fantasy hotel when I'm forty... 

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