Thursday, January 15, 2015

Next Before-And-After Feature: Upstairs Guest Room

Okay. New York Times piece published. Pretty psyched! 

Now let's keep on reviewing our before-and-after conquests before I run out of steam!!! 

Our upstairs was originally composed of five rooms-- three lovely bedrooms, a teeny tiny rectangular room, and a weird, mysteriously shaped "L" room with a peculiar gnome door. We immediately chose the two bedrooms with radiators for our bedroom and Julian's bedroom (because there's no point heating a room no one is sleeping in) and then tried to figure out how to best approach the remaining three rooms. We ended up chopping the L-shaped room into two lovely bathrooms (and replacing the door!), so that meant the teeny-tiny room would function as a guest room... With so little space and basically no architectural charm, we decided to install beveled panel-siding through the entire room and then bead-board paneling onto the ceiling. We threw in a lavish chandelier and a snazzy antique bed frame and we were in business! 



Now that little room is actually my favorite room in the house-- too bad it didn't make it into the Times piece this morning... You guys are missing out!


Oh yeah... That baby is brimming with architectural charm now. 

Keep checking back in for more before-and-after shots this week. 
We've got plenty more to show you!!! 

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