Sunday, January 18, 2015

Next on the to-do list: Windsor chair make-over!

Just when you thought we might be finished working on our farm house, I decided to tackle a quick-and-easy Sunday project, spray painting a pair of woebegone windsor chairs that I inherited from my mom's best friend.

Just to be crystal clear-- he is not dead. He just got better chairs!

This was a pretty straight forward project, aside from finding a relatively warm place to spray paint in mid-January. That was a drag, let me tell you, but once I'd set up a well-ventilated place to spray paint, I got cracking!! (Don't worry-- it wasn't in my dining room!!)

These ol' boys were pretty bonked around-- I actually think these photos
make them look better than they did, I swear! 
Spray-Paint: Round 1
*As a side note: I did this first round with generic paint that we picked up at the Dollar General.
BAD MOVE. Discount paint is cheap for a reason. It's the WORST!!!
The coverage was abysmal, and it took buckets of paint to get a decent primer coat on.... 

However, I discovered two cans of rust-o-leum in my basement (I should really just order this stuff by the case, I use it so frequently) and that saved the day! 6 cans of paint later, and these babies were renewed! I tossed a couple of cute pillows on there and -- bada-bing -- such an awesome addition to our dining room in Callicoon. 

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