Saturday, March 14, 2015

A place for everything and everything in its place...

Today has been a day devoted to obsessive-compulsive-behavior. 

Or my version of it. I've polished brass (incredible tray! explosion-proof submarine lantern!), meticulously hung art work (hanging six almost-but-not-identical prints exactly the same distance apart-- left-to-right-and-up-to-down-- a true testament to my patience), attempted to channel a more creative person while arranging flowers (Martha! Can you hear me??), mounted an adirondack shelf, positioned and repositioned my (new-to-me) antique plate warmer (google it. There are like two on earth...), made beds, and just generally obsessively-buzzed around our farmhouse-- putting all of my latest thrift-store/yard-sale finds into their new found homes.

But-- in the interest of suspense-- I'm not going to show you all of the photos in one shot-- so you'll just have to keep tuning in to the blog, or my instagram feed (@christinasalway) to catch all my latest scores in situ.

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