Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Feeling The Burn...

Sadly, this is not because I've been exercising. In fact- it is the opposite of that. It's because I've been spending way too much time looking at fancy things where fancy people shop and I've got a major case of the "I-WANTs". That's the worst. Because I've also got a major case of the "I DON'T HAVE THE MONEYs", which is totally cramping my style when it comes to the "I GETs"...


Do you think this painter-- Samantha French-- would accept one of my less vital organs in exchange for one of these paintings? I'm not trying to be extreme-- I'm thinking something that's already superfluous-- like my appendix or something like that... I'll have to ask my brother (the doctor) if there's something that's valuable but also expendable. Maybe she could use it for her next art installation...?

This first one in particular. Maybe Ms. French wants her own little piece of Christina Salway in a jar in exchange for that glorious painting. It's 44" X 50". Did I mention that? I'm not suggesting I undergo major surgery for some teeny-tiny painting, I'm talking almost FOUR FEET BY FIVE FEET. That's big. That's no joke.

Unfortunately, if I can't work out a creative (aka safe) way to sell off a piece of my insides, I'm probably going to have to sit tight on these paintings, because they're currently listed around $10,000.00 a pop. But they would look rad in the multi-million dollar loft (I don't own...)


Adding insult to injury is that I don't seem to be the only one loving these swimming-watery scenes... Jonathan Adler's latest catalog features fabulous Slim Aaron photographs celebrating poolside living; as well as some terrific oil paintings by Helena Wurtzel-- which almost feel like rudimentary versions of Samantha French's photo-realistic swimming scenes... 

So not only are her paintings fabulous, they're also poised to be the next big trend. 


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