Sunday, April 12, 2015

Movin' Right Along...

After spending the latter half of the week wallpapering our little powder room, I jumped directly into paneling the attic.

I'm Not Wasting Any Time!

 Make no mistake, I've got a hair across my a#$ about getting that attic paneled, and I'm not afraid to drag everybody I know into the process. This weekend, my victims were our friends Ty and Ginger, who came up to help with the paneling; and my parents, who took charge of our very demanding two-year-old in the city while we were hammering away up in the attic. We started off slowly on Saturday morning, first swinging by the dump to dispose of the 600 pounds of bricks that had been removed from the house last week (I'm not kidding-- 600 pounds-- thrown into a dumpster, two at a time!) Things went from slow to stagnant when our truck broke down on the way back from picking up the table-saw we were borrowing from our neighbor, and I began to despair...

The day was disappearing before my very eyes and we hadn't even gotten started yet!!  

Thankfully, Ty and Ginger picked us up on the side of the road (Hooray for cellphone service in rural New York!), the tow-truck guy dropped off the saw, and in no time at all, paneling the attic proved to be a speedy process. We actually whipped through the entire first wall by lunchtime, and then carried on working until it started to get too dark to work up there.

At which point, we decided to stop for the obvious: Bowling. Yep, there's bowling upstate.

"So it's pretty much utopia", is what you're probably saying to yourself. 

This morning we got cracking again, and finished up the second wall of paneling lickity-split. Make no mistake, there's still plenty of work left to do, but we're off to a decidedly good start. And let me tell you, as someone who frequently finagles people into helping with projects, it's good to know when to press your luck and when to say, "Let's go bowling." Keeping morale high is crucial. When morale goes out the window, everything goes out the window. 

Words to live by folks. 

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