Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Unbelievable find in Brooklyn!

 I know-- it must be getting old reading about these discoveries. Literally I walked out of the house yesterday morning (walkin' the dog...) and walked straight into a deer head. What? Did I say "deer head"? Why- yes I did! 

For some mysterious reason (hopefully never to be revealed to me) the clothing shop down the street from my apartment had abandoned a fully taxidermied deer head outside of their store, and because I am awake hours earlier than my fellow hipster-Williamburgers, I was the first one to see this gem, gleaming in the summer sunlight. I did stop the only other person I saw on the street-- a pregnant lady-- to ask her if she thought the deer head was "garbage". She looked around and then said, "Girl. I think it's all yours." If a pregnant lady says it's okay, it's got to be okay, right?

So off I marched, dog in one hand, deer in the other. The good news: despite being absolutely freaking gigantic, a taxidermied deer head is actually surprisingly light. Go figure.

Now I just have to decide where to hang it. 

* Though in the meantime, having a full-sized deer head in our laundry room closet is the practical joke that never stops being funny...

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