Monday, June 1, 2015

Well within my budget...

I'm currently working on a project out in East Hampton where we're making a dated 1960's beach house into a clean, modern home.

The reason this pertains to us/me is that in the midst of this modernization, my client gave this sweet brass-and-glass light fixture the heave-ho, and when I mentioned that I thought it was charming and deserved another chance, it went from her trash to my treasure!

Ha-zah! Free to me! My favorite price tag! 

Fast forward a couple of weekends and now it's hanging gloriously in my upstairs hallway-- sitting there like it's exactly where it should have been hanging all these years. It's looking just as sharp as can be, along with my ever-growing collection of maps and my sultry red walls.

Couldn't be more pleased-- so a big shout out goes to my generous client for sending it my way and another major thanks goes out to John for putting up that light after a long day of paneling! What a trooper. What a hero. What an endlessly patient fella. Hooray!!

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