Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sweet Jesus.

This latest project has been a doozy. I mean seriously.

How long have I been talking about this god-forsaken attic?? 

Literally months. Granted, my work schedule has been a little spotty (...Only on weekends. Except when I'm wallpapering, or hosting a zillion people upstate for a holiday. Or napping. Or gardening. Or taking another nap.) But still-- even with the resounding lack of motivation taken into consideration-- this project has taken FOREVER.

But! My friends! My fans! My family! (Okay, I know it's mostly just my dad reading this blog...) You will be pleased/relieved to hear that the attic renovation is finally coming to a close. We got the last pieces of paneling up on Monday morning and then, in a very un-John-and-Christina move, we hired someone to prime and paint it.

"WHAT?!?!" You cry out in disbelief. The world's tightest purse has been pried open and we have paid someone else to do something we could do ourselves???? Did I have a stroke? Did John get abducted by aliens? Or both????!!? 

Okay. Take a breath. We're all okay. But we're operating on a crazy tight schedule right now. I found out- like yesterday- (alright- maybe last Tuesday?) that Country Living magazine is coming up to the farm to photograph the house for one of their Summer 2016 editions-- which is AWESOME news. However this incredibly exciting mega-miracle happens to be slated for July 29th-31st. And as luck would have it, John's driving out to Los Angeles right now to work on a project with a colleague, and of course our house was already rented from July 18-25th, so basically we had this past weekend to get the entire attic finished and ready for both renters and the Country Living shoot. 

No pressure.  

You wouldn't believe all of the projects that were tackled in the past four days, but my photo situation is a little shabby right now because I was so busy doing projects that I kind of neglected to document them. That's basically grounds for dismal in the blogging world, but you'll just have to forgive this faux-pas because,


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  1. Is that someone under a sheet in the mirror reflection? ;)