Thursday, November 26, 2015

Making good on my promises. Is it New Years already?

It's 1:18 guys. But I promised you results, so I'm giving you results. Just so you get a clear picture of what we're talking about here, I spent the first half of the day in meetings. Then I came home early with the plan to finish the bathroom tile, but instead, Jules came down with some crazy rogue stomach bug, and puked all over me and all over the tile about seven minutes after he walked in the door from school, and about six minutes before I cemented the tile in place. The good news was that it was before I cemented it in place. The bad news, obviously, was that Jules had come down with a rogue stomach bug and I was covered in puke. Like I was wearing a puke suit. It was not nice. 

So rather than tackle the bathroom tile at 1:00pm (when he was supposed to be napping!) I watched like ONE THOUSAND EPISODES OF CURIOUS GEORGE with a three year old nestled inside my sweatshirt. Which was really cute, actually, but did not do wonders for my home improvement schedule.

So then-- once I finally put him to bed-- I was able to focus my attention on getting the bathroom tile down. Another layer of thinset, and then a million teeny-tiny cuts to make the 1" hexagonal tiles line up relatively well with the walls, bath tub, and toilet. Whoever designed the base of the toilet was clearly not a tile installer, nor the friend of a tile installer. It's all "undulating angles" and "delicate curves". What a jerk. That guy was clearly not thinking about how tile was going to be installed around that base.

And yes. If anyone out there wants to chime in-- usually you remove your toilet to tile your floor--unless some bright star who renovated the bathroom before you (circa 1986) cemented the toilet INTO THE FLOOR so there's no hope of ever removing it. Ever. Thanks, that guy.

To be clear: We're still not finished. We need to put in a layer of grout tomorrow morning, and then John's going to install the "new-to-me" Craig's List sink he picked up last night in Lefferts Gardens. This sink is such a total score-- brand new Kohler sink, literally the one I was planning to buy from Home Depot, but this one comes with a super looking faucet already installed. For about half the price of just the sink at HD. Could not be happier.

In the meantime, here's a snap shot of our current status, just so you know that I haven't forgotten you guys in the fray...

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