Sunday, January 31, 2016

But what really tipped the scale...

What solidified this weekend as a winner is that I just found out that the article about our house upstate is live on the Country Living website!

So that's a pretty solid one-two-punch.

1.) I'm sitting in my house upstate, so I'm already pretty euphoric.
2.) The house I'm sitting in has been featured in a magazine. It's almost a little meta.

Sitting in the house, looking at the house I'm sitting in. whoa.

Here are a couple of snap shots from the article online, but you should probably swing by and check it out for yourself. And then maybe send the link to everyone you know. And a few people you don't. Because that couldn't hurt either.

And then if you want, you can run out and pick up the printed version from your local grocery- which is even more awesome- because you can hold it in your actual hand! IRL! (I just found out that means "In real life".) 

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