Saturday, January 23, 2016

No news. But we've got a new coffee table, so let's talk about that instead.

I wish I could say I have an update on the home search, but so far I have no news. We haven't found anything wonderful yet, and I think we've looked at every available apartment in Williamsburg. Rumor has it February 1st will be a deluge of new possibilities, so I guess we'll have to bide our time for now... If you know me, you know that patience is not my strong suit. But I'm trying hard not to claw my eyes out.

In the meantime, I realized that I haven't updated you on the various changes in our living room. (Though I suppose all of that has been rendered mute, since we're eventually going to have to move everything into some other living room...) 

So first things first: We've got a new coffee table which is a story of great triumph and a little hilarity. I was on the hunt for a new coffee table months ago: We were having a holiday party and my street-find coffee table was looking worse for wear, and I'll ya what. I wasn't gonna have all those people over to my house with a shabby looking coffee table. So I went online to have a hunt around, and scoured Craig's List for days. I just wasn't finding anything great, so eventually I started looking around on fancier websites--,, I was getting desperate. The party was right around the corner and I still had that limping, one-year-with-a-three-year-old shabby looking coffee table in the middle of my living room! And then, on 1stdibs, I saw a table that I had previously seen on Craig's List. I'm not going to lie. I didn't like it when I saw it on Craig's List. I thought it was garish, and too "retro", but when I saw it on 1stdibs, attributed to Adrian Pearsall, being sold as a set for $3,800.00, my opinion on the thing softened. Particularly because it was for sale on Craig's List for $125.00. And goddamn. I needed a coffee table stat.

So I hopped in my station wagon, zipped over to New Jersey, and became the proud owner of a slightly ungainly, rare mid-century coffee table designed by Adrian Pearsall. If you are familiar with mid-century modern design, you're probably familiar with Adrian Pearsall, but if you're not-- the gist is that he designed a ton of iconic mid-century furniture, most of which is considerably more elegant and understated than the coffee table that I bought. But it's also usually a few thousand dollars per table, so it's safe to say that was not in my budget, whereas $125.00 worked quite nicely. 

The first thing one of my friends said when she arrived at our holiday party was "What is that ugly f-ing table?" which I thought was... subtle. But another friend of mine who owns a super fancy antique store in Connecticut thought I'd scored an awesome deal, so for now-- the table stays.

And funnily enough, it's really grown on us. I'm hoping it isn't only because I know it's made by Adrian Pearsall, but... who knows. I do know that it lends itself wonderfully to building elaborate brio-train configurations, is really light looking because of the glass top, and actually anchors our living room nicely. So until further announcement, it stays. But as I like to say, TBD. (To be determined.) 

Then, in more recent news (yesterday), I picked up a terrific new pillow for our living room (hazahh for finding Serena & Lily at HomeGoods!) for a mere $15.00 (normally $69.00, plus the cost of the insert!) and it's invigorated my enthusiasm for the other pillows in the room, especially that embroidered the chili-red-and-linen on the right side of the sofa. It's really playing off the colors in our massive Sweetland advertisement nicely.

And then, believe it or not, I think I am considering reupholstering this little side chair for the 100-th time, because this fabric totally isn't working with my pillows... TBD.

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