Sunday, January 10, 2016

Silver lining?

I might be bummed out about having to move out of our apartment in Williamsburg, but I'm pretty jazzed up about my newest roommate! I was feeling pretty ho-hum after an unsuccessful day at Paris's Marché Aux Puces so I decided to treat myself to a taxidermied scorpion in a lovely glass cloche. I may not know where we're going to live yet, but I know this hottie is coming with me.

We're hopping on a plane back to Brooklyn tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully we'll have some updates about our apartment situation in the next couple of days. But like I said, I'm optimistic! I've already seen a couple of gems online, so I can't wait to get back and see those bad boys in person.

I know I've mentioned this already, but "Bring it on 2016!"

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