Saturday, February 27, 2016

While we wait...

I'm losing my mind, not moving in yet. I'm just standing here-- poised-- ready to pounce-- and I've got another week to go. So, to cope with the maddening anti-climax that is postponing your move for a week-- we drove a ton of stuff upstate (mainly baby clothes) and then did a thorough purging of our attic. If you live anywhere near Callicoon and have a kid under the age of 3, run-don't walk- to the IOU Thrift Store in Callicoon, where you can pick up a cornucopia of children's toys and clothes. The amount of stuff we donated was amazing/embarrassing, and the cathartic sense of cleansing is unto itself, almost worth the hassle of moving. I have thrown away/recycled/donated such a staggering amount of stuff in the past few weeks, and I haven't even tackled our closets yet. It's such a glorious feeling-- to finally let go of so much stuff. I don't know how it happens exactly-- I like to think of myself as pretty discriminating, but we've accumulated such a massive amount of everything in the past 14 years together; and the danger is-- we've never really had any shortage of storage, so I was never really prompted to cull or trim before. I'd just find a new spot to tuck stuff, and pretend it didn't exist. (Evidently, I'm like an ostrich of hoarding...) 

Anyway-- I wish I had more news to report, but this is it for the time being. Good riddance to it all-- it served us well, and now it can move on to serving someone else! Hazahh!!! 

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