Tuesday, June 14, 2016

And then, I wallpapered our bathroom...

Because I was throwing a baby shower (yep. I do that too...) and I couldn't have all those ladies in my apartment with my bathroom un-wallpapered. Obviously.

So my champion mother/wallpapering mentor zoomed down to New York, didn't bother me even once about how skewed my priorities are, and we whipped through wallpapering that bathroom faster than you can say "Run a business, open a restaurant, raise a kid, throw a baby shower." What a woman.

The wallpaper I put up was a spur-of-the-moment crazy deal-on-a-deal from Serena & Lily. A couple of weeks ago, they had a huge sale on everything that was already on sale, so I spontaneously bought three rolls of this wig-a-doo wallpaper for less than $40.00 (yes!!!) and went to town.

To be clear--- this might not be the wallpaper I would have chosen if I was working with a blank slate, but considering we've just moved into an apartment with this crazy tri-colored blue-grey-and-white tile, this circa 1990 wallpaper seemed like just the thing to pull the whole bathroom together.

And I've got to tell you. I LOVE IT. It's totally weird. It's a little bit dizzying. The iphone camera had a really hard time finding a focal point, it's so busy. And yet... I LOVE IT. It's like this bathroom has found its true identity. Suddenly the blue and grey tile makes sense. Suddenly the space feels welcoming, not sparse. Suddenly, it makes sense that there is a massive Belgian elephant poster in this tiny space.

Ooooohhhh waaaaiiiittt. Okay, maybe the wallpaper didn't solve that mystery, but on the whole-- I'm loving the transformation.

And the best part-- even a couple of women came out of the bathroom during the baby shower on Sunday and said, "I love your wallpaper!" so that was a win.... Even if they were secretly thinking, "...Too bad your floor tile is so weird...."

Oh well, you can't win 'em all. 


  1. Putting up wallpaper in a bathroom is a bold and courageous design move. I would be afraid to attempt it but certainly commend you for doing it. It definitely resulted in making a large transformation to the space, which is a small one to begin with. I have never seen anything quite like it and it could definitely be a conversation starter.

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  3. I would be afraid to attempt it but certainly commend you for doing it.


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