Sunday, June 5, 2016

Major inspo...

The first thing we bought for the bar basically determined the aesthetic for the whole joint. Through some wild aligning of the stars, I bumped into a pair of stunning art deco brass doors on Craig's List, and after haggling and negotiating (and a fair amount of begging, let's be honest...) we became the proud owners of these fabulous doors!

They were salvaged from The Stella Town, in Midtown Manhattan, designed by Ralph Walker in the mid 20's. The building was considered to be one of the earliest skyscrapers in New York, and truly, they've defined the design of restaurant. (See the picture at left to see our doors when they were still installed downtown.) Before we found the doors, I kept saying, "I want the bar to feel like the staff entrance to something grand. Like the secret backdoor to Grand Central Station." When I found these doors, I was like, "Holy sh!#. This is them."

Now I just can't wait to see them installed into our facade (easier said than done, make no mistake...) and we'll really be smokin'.


  1. Wait, what? They took those doors off the Stella? I swear I just saw them on an article on the Stella penthouse restoration!

  2. True story! They're restoring the building, but replaced all of the original doors. We managed to snag a pair!

  3. I swear I just saw them on an article on the Stella penthouse restoration!


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