Saturday, January 29, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Eleven: Forging Ahead!

The last few evenings have been filled with the ungratifying process of spackle, sand, spackle, sand. John has been a real trooper- staying up until almost 2:00am one night, applying another coat of spackle to the corner edging of our little wall. Thankfully, spackling is a quiet process, because I don't think that would have gone over well with the neighbors otherwise.

Look how peaceful our living room used to look...
 Just a couple of pictures here to keep everyone up to date. While John was spackling, I installed the portrait moldings in the office-end of the living room, using pieces of molding salvaged from the walls that were removed. It isn't flawless (aka. incredibly bent and paint-caked) but it is free and matches the other paint clogged murky moldings perfectly! Since I am an inpatient child, I also started painting the blue walls of the old living room to match the walls of the old guest room. We still had almost a full gallon of paint, so what the hell, right?

John has pointed out the inherent stupidity of this approach, since it is bound to get dusty and covered in schmutz, but what can I tell you? I want to see some serious change!

Then we took down the walls, put up a portrait molding, and started painting the old walls "Cream Silk"

              What the living room looks like this morning. It is almost hard to believe they're the same place!
We are slaving away, and hopefully will have some dramatic results to post by Monday. 

Check back in soon!

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