Sunday, January 30, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Twelve: Coveting Your Neighbor's...

...light. Our best friends Brennen and Julia live around the corner from our apartment, and they have the loveliest light fixture in their living room on North 7th Street. It is an over-sized drum shade that hangs from a pendant fixture, casting a warm flattering glow through the room.

(See left, picture courtesy of West Elm's website. You can find it online here: )

Now that the walls are gone and the guest room is no longer a prison-cell-sized den of iniquity, I am on the hunt for a new light fixture to replace our little white chandelier. I have been "ooohing" and "ahhing" over Brennen & Julia's light fixture for months now, so I went on the hunt to see if I could find something similar for our house.
I have found two possible candidates- neither of which I can justify buying for the time being. Both are currently selling on Ebay, which significantly lessens the odds of my ever owning either fixture...

I think this light is truly a thing of beauty- simple and sleek but also with an eclectic element to it. The shade is 20" in diameter and 20" tall, and it hangs on an adjustable nickel rod. Hot dog! Sadly, at $149.00, plus $40.00 shipping (from Canada!) I am fated to never know this light fixture on a more personal basis.

The Sputnik light fixture shown below is the second contender-- which I love! It is a total non-sequitur from B & J's drum shade, but would also be rad in our apartment.

I am slightly concerned that our house is on the brink of becoming a museum dedicated to the design and decoration of the 1950's and 60's, so I am trying to mix it up a little bit, but man- this light makes me want to fix John a cocktail and pretend that we're living in an episode of Mad Men. It is even more completely beyond my reach at $695.00 on Ebay. But it is truly a thing of unbridled beauty.

Oh-- envy! Oh-- lust!


  1. do you have DOB permits for this work? if not what you are doing is illegal & wrong.

  2. what you are doing is still illegal and it is work with out a permit, which carries a minimum fine of $5,000.00. again what you are dong is illegal & wrong, no matter how your try to rationalize it.