Monday, February 7, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Fifteen: Good Grief.

After dinner tonight we're going to assemble this rad tool chest thing that John received for his birthday (Thank You Michael and Sally Moskowitz!)
We're going to put it into one of the closets in the living room in the hopes of getting control of the tool/linens/cleaning supplies/assorted-junk-we-can't-put-anywhere-else situation. Now for the big reveal... I am going to show you the closets in their EXISTING CONDITION. Please don't judge.

(To your left, please note the stacks of office supplies, lots of wood moldings squeezed into the closet, and a mini-model of a modernist potting shed that I once hoped to build.)
Once we've assembled the tool chest, we'll also organize the closets, and then we can do a "compare and contrast". Egads! This is like revealing your most intimate secrets on the internet... Who would ever do that willingly??? Evidently, I have officially joined the ranks as a "blogger".

(This closet is sooo much worse! Yes, that is John's spackle bucket sitting next to our towels and above our sheets. Stacked on top of that are a couple of paint trays, and then in one corner we have an extremely accurate reconstruction of the leaning tower of Pisa, built out of paint cans.)

This is actually what most of these drawers look like right now- just brimming with tools. I can't believe I am putting this online. The shame! I am definitely going to hear about this from The Mother Figure! 

If you're so inclined, you can see John's new tool chest here: 


  1. Suuuuuuch a cool blog! Found it on Greenpointers and it just makes me so jealous!! Good for you guys. The work is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the kudos Dusty Rose Vintage! For anyone who is interested, you can check out the Greenpointer's piece here: