Friday, March 18, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Twenty-Eight: Brightening Up the Bedroom- The Stencil Revealed!

Well- it is confirmed. Stenciling is not for the weak at heart. I have a new found admiration for everything I've ever seen stenciled, regardless of how terrible the outcome. Phase Two of the bedroom overhaul is coming right along, and I'm totally thrilled with my results so far.

I've brought the other jute rug (previously in the office portion of the living room, pre-checkered-floor) in to replace the muted greenish hook rug I had in the bedroom, which really did something fantastic for the room. I can't get over these jute rugs-- I love how they look and feel-- but what I really can't get over is the price and durability. Between us, the dog, our friends, the perpetual renovations, the soot and grit from the city, and the fact that they're second-hand already, I am just completely impressed by their quality. Hats off to them!


I haven't decided whether or not I am going to charge forward and stencil the other wall in the bedroom (John says he doesn't even want to talk about it!) but I should also mention that there is also a Phase Three of the Bedroom Overhaul, so I hope everyone will tune in next week to see the riveting conclusion of our Brooklyn Bedroom Renovation! And then, fingers crossed, this room will really feel complete and we can tackle the guest bedroom... or the dreaded kitchen ceiling. 

For those of you keeping tabs, by the way, YES- we do keep procrastinating about that project. It  isn't your imagination.

In other breaking news, After-Dinner Design was featured on another fabulous home design blog yesterday, called The D-I-Y Show Off Blog. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, check it out! It's packed full of wow-inspiring pictures of home renovation projects and is well-worth a look. A special thanks to Roeshel,  the creator of the D-I-Y Showoff Blog, for including me on her site, but also for the words of encouragement she sent me late last night as I was fighting it out with Round-2 of the stencil wall. I needed all the positive energy I could get!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

*Sorry for the dreadful picture quality-- I think it is almost more difficult to capture indoor photos during the day than it is at night, but I can try to recruit John to take some better photographs tomorrow... I did get this glamor shot of the dog sunning himself in our bedroom though-- he seems to approve of the changes.


  1. Love the stenciled wall. The bedroom is wonderful. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Stenciled wall is totally charming - you are truly your mother's daughter. Is that a hand-colored Wallace Nutting photograph over the bed (top frame)?

  3. You've got a keen eye for our artwork, Zinnia Girl! It is indeed a Wallace Nutting. I have a real love affair for those vintage hand-colored photos, and the one above our bed was the first of a growing collection.

    Thanks for your encouraging words- check back in to see the finishing touches on our bedroom!

  4. Thanks again Marty- check back in for our next update!

    Christina & John

  5. Julia shared your blog with me and I am completely in love with the stenciling... I may have to steal this idea some day. And share it with all of my friends ;)

  6. Hi Elise...

    I'm thrilled you are reading the blog-- and hope you'll spread the word to all of your friends!

    Good luck with the stenciling- patience is the key!
    Stay tuned...

    Christina & John

  7. Just an FYI...your mother has me sniffing out Wallace Nuttings on the west coast...none have met her high standards (read- low prices) yet. :-}