Sunday, March 20, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! A visit to the Architectural Digest Home Show...

John and I took a trip to the Architectural Digest Home Show in Manhattan yesterday. For some lucky reason, I was sent a pair of free tickets so we decided to swing by on our way up to the country. I looked and pointed, John took photos, and thus- we were able to zip right through while documenting some of the highlights of our visit. Take a  gander...

These awesome forged chandeliers were made by Work And Design, and can be found online here. They came in both 12" and 24" pendant sizes, and were perfectly suited for the industrial aesthetic that's all the rage in NYC right now. Très cool. 

Holy pony! This was another star at the Architectural Digest show-- a gorgeous full-sized horse, complete with leather saddle and tuft of fake hair, that was being sold by Gargoyles Limited. Apparently it is actually an antique saddle-maker's horse, which makes it even more charming in my book.

I have an overwhelming desire for a big horse in my apartment-- "Where would it go?!" you ask in a high-pitched voice. Couldn't tell you, but I think they're just the coolest. I have been lusting after carousel horses for sometime now, but this equine takes the cake... Evidently someone else with much deeper pockets than mine feels similarly, because there is a "SOLD" sticker stuck to the end of this pony's snout. I hope this horse is going to a good home.

Also on display in the Gargoyles Limited space was a lovely pile of vintage luggage. I was coveting this set too, until I realized it really wasn't so different from the stack of luggage we have on our stairs in the country... Oops. Be careful what you wish for-- you might already have it! (Though those are reeeaaaalllly nice boxing gloves...)

       (Their luggage...)                                                                         (My luggage...)

All in all, we had a splendid time at the A-D Show, felt very New York-y for attending, and then zoomed up to the country for a little (much, much needed) R & R.

Check back in later today for a delicious dinner recipe...
We've just mastered Bucatini All'Amatriciana! 

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  1. I just saw boxing gloves somewhere...where was it??? Well, I definitely saw some in an antiques store in Billings, MT (visiting the brother-in-law) but also somewhere else. Had to be here in Portland. Maybe they are the latest mantique!