Thursday, March 31, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! A Follow-Up.

I've been doing a little interim upholstery, since I am the least patient person on earth, and have recovered the seat of the chair I found on the street earlier today! I happened to have just enough of this cool, mod-ish-damask on hand, so I just whipped that onto the chair to give it (and me) a morale boost. The arm is still broken, so don't look too closely there, but the new seat fabric is already a big improvement for the time being, and once John has worked his magic on the arm and I've given it a thorough polishing, its former life as garbage will be far behind it. A side note: I have also just placed an order for a couple yards of this fabric (shown below looking a little darker orange than it is in person) which I am plotting to make into a pillow for the living room sofa, and maybe a new seat for this chair too.

It is funny-- we always take such a make-do-work-with-what-have-super-tight-budget approach to our own home that it felt kind of bold to actually call up and order fabric from the same vendor where I am usually ordering fabric for clients. Granted, my fabric only cost twenty-odd dollars a yard, and I bought 1.5 yards and usually I am buying sofa-quantities for my clients, but still-- the whole thing felt a tad decadent.

So la-dee-da! 


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  2. Thanks for the enthusiastic words Daniel... After the last couple of days I've had, I need all of the help I can get!

    Your site is great-- I loved watching your video. It made me want to break out my paints!

    Stay tuned...

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