Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Thirty-One: Vetoed!

You may remember that I've been lusting after a vintage italian tole chandelier that I had seen hanging in an antique store up near our little house upstate. If not, you can revisit that entry here...

This past weekend, John and I went by the antique shop so I could introduce John to the coveted chandelier, and I think we can safely consider the matter "closed". To be more specific, John hated the chandelier! He said "We would paint it?" because of the faded, garish colors, and then when I told him it was $150.00, he laughed me right out of town. Right out of town! 

So I countered all of those objections with a new suggestion... (ever the diplomat!) We already have a brassy-leafy chandelier (shown at left) on our little porch in the country, which was hanging in a particularly awkward position ever since I moved the dining table it had originally hung above. Every time you walked by it, you get entangled in its curly-cues and pointy metal parts, and I had been planning to rehang it on the porch in a different location.

I suggested that we take it down altogether, spray it with a dose of spray-primer and white paint, and hang that up in the bathroom in the city. No garish color, no $150.00 price tag, and no getting tangled in it on the porch upstate. Everybody wins! (Except maybe John, who is going to have to put it up...)

So far we have it spray-primed and John has promised that he'll give it another round of paint this evening and then get that bad-boy hanging up tonight. Fingers crossed, since I'll be in a meeting until 8:00...

                        I'll keep you posted!

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