Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Major Lust For Vintage Chandeliers!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I encountered this totally covet-able vintage chandelier at an antique store up near Fox Ridge. Priced at $150.00, I hemmed and hawed, and left it hanging in the shop. And now, of course, I'm filled with buyer's-hesitation remorse. Actually, I wasn't so remorseful until I realized that it would look FANTASTIC in our bathroom in the city.  

(Yes, the photos at left really are from our bathroom. I started this mirror collection a couple of years ago, and have been spray-painting mirrors of all shapes and sizes ever since. Sorry the lighting is a little horrible- the photos were taken this evening and bathrooms are notoriously difficult to photograph.) 

$150.00 is nothing to scoff at, but I just can't get that chandelier out of my mind. Crumb. So now I've started looking for other candidates, all of which- while also fabulous- are actually more expensive than the one I saw in the Lafayette antique shop. I've included some of the highlights, and you can check out their details online by clicking the links shown below each picture.

I'm telling you- I really think that the chandelier would look rad in our bathroom. It will be like the icing on the crazy-cake. Just crazy enough to make the whole thing perfect. Sooooo... I guess I should find out if they're still selling the one in the antique shop upstate. 

So much to want, so little to pay with! 


  1. Ebay has some cool examples:

  2. John & ChristinaMarch 25, 2011 at 10:18 AM

    I actually did search Ebay, which is where I found most of the chandeliers shown in the posting above. But I'm pretty sure it will still be less expensive to buy the one at the antique shop as I won't have to pay for shipping and insurance...

    Thanks for the recommendation though! That's a gorgeous one too!

  3. Yes, eBay always seems to have a nice selection of the 60's tole chandeliers but they are not cheap...I've been eyeballing them for years. If you found one you like in a store, and the price is decent, be sure to try the "Is this your best price, I'm a decorator" line and at least try for 10% off. Plus, how dusty did it look? The more dust, the more willing they'll be to discount :-}. Unless they love it too, then you might not get any discount. Will email you a photo of my chandelier I got off of eBay about six years's a doozy.

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