Monday, May 9, 2011

Lots of News: Mother's Day, the Small Blue Army, and More...

First things first-- whoa did I blow it for not writing a post yesterday!

A Happy Belated Mother's Day... all the many marvelous mothers out there, with a special shout-out for my beloved Mother Figure, John's mother Sally, who is like a muddah to me, and all of the other terrific mothers I know and love... Good work ladies! We kids don't make your jobs any easier!!!

*It should be said, in my defense, I didn't actually forget Mother's Day, I just didn't blog about it.

Like a good daughter, I started my Mother's Day celebrations by doing something I knew would make my mom very happy.

Call her, you say? Send her a dozen roses? No sir. I hung up this knife rack... You're thinking "What?" but here's the scoop:

Mummy bought me this knife rack about a year ago, because she couldn't stand how disorganized (and sharp) my silverware drawer was in the country. 

I kind of hemmed and hawed, and then stuck it in the basement with the intention of eventually getting around to it. Well, yesterday, being Mother's Day, I was driven to action and put the bugger up. And what do you know? She was right! The drawer looks spectacular and the knife rack looks terrific. It is as I have always suspected: Mother is always right. 

And that, I figure, is a pretty good Mother's Day present. **Plus I also mailed her a package, so don't worry! 

Other Exciting News On The Home Renovation Frontier:

On Saturday night (a wild and rowdy time up in the country) I decided to recover the bar stools in our kitchen. (Pictured at right. They were actually dirtier and more gross than they look here. I assure you, they were long overdue.) I originally found these bar stools in a dumpster in Brooklyn, and recovered them in a beautiful greenish check fabric that I loved.

However, they've had a fair amount of bacon grease, olive oil, milk, tea, coffee, and wine spilled on them in the last two + years (culprits- you know who you are!) and were looking a little worse for wear. I happened to have a good chunk of color-appropriate fabric left over from a work project and thought "What the hay!" and decided to recover the stools.

So first I recovered the stools. Total victory, and they both look fresh and bright, like a totally new pair of stools. But then... I looked into the dining room, where I had four chairs covered in that old greenish check material. It wasn't like they had to be changed, as they aren't in the same room as the stools, but I thought, since I still had more left over fabric, "What the hay!" and I did those too.

And now they all look fresh and bright, and it's a lovely change for the finally-arriving Spring. But when I had them all lined up when I was finished, they really looked like a little blue army.

Okay, last little update, and then I'm off to work! 

We also made some MAJOR headway on The Greenhouse Project this weekend. It is almost finished, though astonishingly, we didn't have enough windows to finish the roof, so we had to fill in a couple of the gaps with heavy-duty plastic sheeting and now I'm back on the hunt for more windows. How can this be???? I thought I could have built a whole other out-building with the number of old windows I lugged up from the basement. Crud. 

In the meantime, I'm going to refrain from posting pictures of the Greenhouse until it is a little closer to finished, so the suspense will build and you'll all be blown away by our remarkable achievement when it's completed. Or at least act like you are... okay?

Once again, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the super-human mothers of the world. We couldn't do it without you.

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