Sunday, May 15, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Art... Sort of.

I'm not sure that I'd deem this project a roaring success, but maybe I should just fast-forward straight to the results. TA-DA!

So, that's how my new "RESTROOM" sign came out. It was a slow-going (uncertain) process, that involved me cutting out each of the letters with an exact-o blade, tracing each one onto the poster board, and then carefully hand painting around each of the letters... Then I taped off the edges to make a white border like the image I was copying, and painted in the rest of the black background. It isn't exactly flawless, but hanging over the bathroom door, I think it will be far enough from the ground to disguise my lack of talent. I think the spacing of the letters in the photo above looks even wonkier from that angle, so I tried to take a photo of it head-on, which is how I ended up in the reflection in the picture below. Saaavvvvyyy. I'll be sure to post a photo of it in the kitchen once I get it back to Brooklyn...



Here's a little "action" shot down below: when I had finished painting around the letters but hadn't started painting the background yet. John tried to convince me to keep it like this, he thought it looked "Cool and modern." No dice home slice. 

 *Note the "MOM" frame in the back, which is the discounted extra-long black frame I picked up from Michael's for $9.99. I'm thinking it must have been a left-over from Mother's Day last weekend. Score! 

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  1. Interesting that you chose to distribute space between the letters rather than at both ends, as in the model. How come?