Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Quick Addition to the RESTROOM sign...

A couple of people have mentioned that I spaced out the letters on my RESTROOM sign differently than the letters on the original piece, and wondered why... I've got a couple of (scattered) answers...

The Original Art: To Refresh Your Memory
When I started "font shopping" on my computer, I was looking for something a little more modern and cool than the font in the original poster. I gravitated to a font called "Cambria" and started playing around with the size, thickness, etc. Unfortunately, I couldn't just duplicate it exactly because my discount Michael's frame was much taller and longer than the one I'd seen upstate, so I had to re-jigger around the layout to make it work a little better with my frame size. When I was laying the letters out onto the poster board, I found that spacing them out more evenly across the frame (rather than scrunching them in together as the original was) also gave it a more mod-look.

It wasn't until I was finished that I realized that my sign looked very familiar, and that my RESTROOM sign would have been right at home in the West Village, the NYC neighborhood that has been devoured by Marc Jacobs shops. Take a look:

Marc Jacob's Shopping Bag: Check out the font.
My bathroom sign: Same font I tell you! 
For anyone who knows me, you're probably aware that I have a conflicted relationship with Marc Jacobs. I've been known to start ranting like a mad woman when I see another mom-and-pop shop replaced by a Marc Jacobs' children's socks store, but I also have a real love for his leather goods (which I buy second-hand, mind you.) Talk about conflict. 

So maybe I was trying to work this out subconsciously by turning my bathroom into another one of Marc Jacobs' colonies? 

Or maybe I just liked the font and wanted it to be a little more modern for my modern home. 

You decide...  

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