Monday, June 27, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn: Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

G R A N D   A N N O U N C E M E N T  !  

Next week, I am moving into a new office. Holy-moly! This is a big move forward for my company, ElevenTwoEleven Design, but it's also going to be a whole lotta labor for ElevenTwoEleven Design (me). We're packing up shop, and moving literally a few blocks away, into this awesome co-operative space on Broadway near Marcy Avenue, still in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Lucky for me, this new office is still located in the 11211 zip code, or we'd really have an identity crisis on our hands! (For those of you who aren't familiar and didn't already put this together: my interior design company is named ElevenTwoEleven Design after our zip code in Williamsburg, 11211.)

The exciting part (okay-- there are a lot of exciting parts-- but one that I'm particularly looking forward to!) is taking that portion of our living room back-- for living, not working. The plan is to move the dining table into that half of our living room, and then build some totally rad kitchen island with bar stools in the kitchen in its place. I'm also planning on painting that part of the room (again), and possibly fiddling around with the closets again. Like I said, I like to bite off as much as possible, preferably all at once. (In this case... move offices, train an intern, reconfigure 1/2 of my apartment, repaint 1/2 of the living room, totally repaint and redesign the new office, and make some basic improvements to the new building so it is "client-ready".) I'm hoping to get all of this done in about 2 weeks, maybe a little less. What do ya say to that?

No problem? Maybe I should include a photograph of my office, still very full of its last tenant...

Needless to say, I've got vision. Tons of vision. Almost x-ray vision.

Sadly, the last tenant vindictively painted the entire office a very, very dark olive green, but I have great faith in my ability to transform the office into a glorious new space that will inspire colossal waves of creativity and genius. Yep- setting my expectations high! (Plus, this is my job after all!)
Keeping this in mind, please be patient with After-Dinner Design during the next few weeks, as I'm sure I'll be a little over-extended.

However, I encourage all of the readers, in fact, I beg of you, to write lots of comments prompting me to give updates on my progress and of course, giving me the courage and encouragement to carry on... I'm sure I'm going to need it!

As I love to say, right before I jump off the high dive: 
Onward & Upward! 

Ps. Other things to look forward to: when it all gets to be a little much, I'll be able to pop out to this terrific little restaurant just across the street for lunch or a much needed glass of wine! The sweet rewards of so much hard work! 

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