Thursday, June 23, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn: Is A Woman's Work Never Done? (Is It Finished?)

Mummy always used to say "A cake is done. A turkey is done. You are finished." Evidently, no I'm not.

Having just triumphed over the grueling renovation of our kitchen, I looked lovingly into the room and the first thing I said was, "Well s--t, now we've got to reupholster those dining chairs."

It should be said, this is NOT because I hadn't realized that the new blue of the cabinets had nothing to do with the orange-and-green of the chairs, but because I'm not so crazy about the mega-retro-orange-and-green pattern and didn't want to base the room colors around something I was hoping to change eventually. (Chair, as is, at left.)

Well, guess what?
When I spoke with the mother figure the next day, the second thing she said, after "The cabinets look fabulous", was "Now you'll have to reupholster those chairs."  I mean seriously. Am I my mother's daughter, or what? Luckily, we already know that I'm wretched at upholstery (please see this blog entry to refresh your memory) so I think I'm going to kill some time fantasizing and then woo Mummy into helping me with the reupholstery on her next visit to the city. A grand plan!

One of the styles I am gravitating to, if we were to completely replace the chairs, would be something more slender with a fabulous molded wood back. Take a gander:

I'm liking these turquoise chairs too, but they have a slightly less comfortable look to them, and I'd probably end up reupholstering the seat cushions anyway...

However, I also liked this set of 4 thread-bare chairs, selling for $400.00 on, until I realized they look pretty darn similar to my existing chairs, would also need to be reupholstered, and cost $400.00!!! So, that pretty much sealed the deal. Unless I stumble upon some absolutely arresting dining set at bargain-basement prices, I'm going to stick with what I've got and focus on finding a good deal on a whole lot of fabric. 
I'm on a mission!  

Now I just have to figure out when Mummy can come for a visit! :) 

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  1. The end is the beginning :) ... of more projects. Have fun!!!!!