Monday, June 6, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn: Channeling a fancier Brooklyn...

I picked up this totally cruddy metal table with an equally cruddy glass top at a yard sale this past weekend for $5.00!

Yes, $5.00! 

Please be sure to take notice of the cobwebs and grunge on the base and glass top. Possibly not even worth every penny in its initial state, but I thought that with a little elbow grease, and the remains of a can of gold spray paint I found in my basement (Gold? What did I spray gold???) I might be able to channel these classy-looking tables (below) into my grotty black one, and it could be reborn! (Please note the $295.00 price tag on the table from Jonathan Adler, pictured below, top left... That's $290.00 more than mine!)

And lo! My hunch proved correct, and this little beauty has found a second life in my living room in Brooklyn. Another victorious project to distract me from the growing disarray in our kitchen!

My god. That is a slooooowwww-goooooiiinnnngggg project. That's the essence of Do-It-Yourself, if you boil it all down... Sure, it's about having the skill-set and about having a good eye for design and change, but mostly, if we're going to be totally honest, like 75% of it is about having the patience to wait for someone who isn't a seasoned pro (usually you) to finish doing something that would take a full-time professional half of the time. And living there all the while. Sweet.

Based on that definition, this is feeling like a really authentic D-I-Y- experience.

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