Saturday, July 23, 2011

House Beautiful's 2011 Kitchen Event? Check!

Julia and I attended House Beautiful's 2011 Kitchen of the Year event on Thursday, and emerged victorious. 1.) I saw a Caesar Stone counter top material, pictured at left, that I loved (and am hoping to use on a work project, once I show the client how lovely it was...) and 2.) We got to have a relaxing drink on a beautiful terrace in the heart of Rockefeller Center.

It was like we'd gone on vacation in New York. Is that a stay-cation?Awesome. 

Julia is drinking their signature drink of the evening in this photo: A Belgian Moon-tini. I think it consisted of prosecco, some pureed fresh blackberry, and maybe a splash of chambord... It looked like a oversized hang-over in a champagne flute to me, but Julia seemed happy with it!

Other highlights included this double-faucet-kitchen-sink-action. One is a commercial style sprayer, the other: a mod-looking two-handled faucet. Very sleek indeed.

We were also taken with this gigantic pot rack, hanging from some serious hardware above the kitchen island and below a massive skylight. Very cool and unexpected. And then there's me: Evidently posing like I'm Martha Stewart. Convincing? Not really.

Big thanks again to Julia for keeping me company on this expedition! And haz-ahh for a stay-cation. 

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