Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Hunt Continues... Most Beautiful Things On Earth.

Okay, maybe not ON EARTH, but I think I have found the kitchen counter of my dreams. The counter of OUR DREAMS. I haven't showed it to John yet, but I promise he's totally going to love it too. This is so our style. 

O-Ma-Gawd. I think it is magnificent. Perfect. Urban-chic. Functional. Good size. Good storage. Roll-y. I mean, seriously. Does it get any better? No. But, it's $650.00, and is currently sitting in somebody's work space in Chelsea. Which is where it will stay, since it would be a b-*%# to get back to Brooklyn, and $650.00 is a pretty penny. This is so not our budget.

The island pictured at left is another Craig's List find front-runner, though let's be honest, it's no rad stainless steel cart-o-my-dreams... However, I think we could paint the base cabinet the same marvelous blue that we painted the rest of our kitchen cabinets and really make it work. (The blue is Martha Stewart's Darkening Sky. Thank you Martha.)

Now would be a perfectly good time for someone to comment about how the closed-door storage of this cabinet will also make for better, more flexible, tidy-looking storage, and the butcher-block top will be nicer to use when preparing food. Is it urban-chic? Is it scandinavian efficiency at its best? Quite possibly.

More compelling is that this counter cabinet is only $300.00, and will be disassembled for pick up so I don't have to roll it all the way from Chelsea and over the Williamsburg Bridge in order to get it back to Brooklyn. Plus-- I must remind myself-- how would I get that stainless steel jobby up my stairs? Boat loads of swearing would definitely ensue. 
I can't wait until I have a Martha-Stewart-sized-D-I-Y-empire, so I can afford stainless steel carts and other people to bring them into my apartment. And maybe an apartment with an elevator. Man-- that day feels a long way away...

Onwards & Upwards, right?


  1. Maybe you could clad the top in stainless steel following the inspiration of Merrilee with her copper countertops as shown on

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I loved Merrilee's kitchen counters-- what a project!

    I think I'm leaning more toward butcher block rather than metal, but we're a little up in the air at this point. I just heard back from the guy selling the IKEA island on Craig's List-- already SOLD! What a bummer. : (

  3. Ikea has a stainless table top. Could you jimmy something up?

  4. Another great idea! We'll keep everybody posted-- there has to be a kitchen island in sight!


  5. Nice your thought for Earth ! great posting and perfect idea in kitchen.