Sunday, July 10, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn: Gone, but not forgotten! I swear!

Whoa! This has been a serious After-Dinner Design hiatus! But you wouldn't believe how busy I've been for the past two weeks... We've been prepping our little office co-op in Williamsburg, and it has been a whole lotta work, to say the least. For some unfortunate reason, the previous tenant had used one of every color to paint the entire apartment, so we're slowly nursing it back to health, one coat of white paint at a time. So far, my room has been primed from top to bottom (even the floors!) and I've done the first coat of ceiling paint.

In a surprising twist, I think I might paint all of the walls and ceiling in matte white-- not something I usually do (I love color!) but the room gets so much great light and is pretty small, so I think I may embrace the bright white expanses as much as possible. We'll see... It's hard to resist a benjamin moore custom color, let's be honest. 

This weekend, we've been diligently gang-priming the rest of the apartment-- check out these inspirational photos from Friday night... We were there until after midnight painting, which was especially remarkable considering two of our fellow painters aren't even renting space there, they're just really good friends (or husbands, in John's case.) 

Julia in action! We've got our work cut out for us! 
Champion Painter, Michael White! 
I will try hard to keep everybody up-to-date on our progress at the office, but I'm also filming a web-isode (that's like TV, on a website, fyi!) with The Nate Berkus Show this week, so I'm one seriously busy bee. Hopefully I can get my room finished before this coming weekend, when we're meant to be moving all of the furniture into the building. Yikes! One thing at a time, right? Ha.

Stay tuned for photos from my Nate Berkus adventures, 
and look forward to many more office updates! 
Let the games begin!!! 

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