Monday, July 11, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Moving Right Along at the Office!

We keep on chipping away at our offices, and this is my latest step in the right direction. Working with what I've got-- a great way to keep my budget in check-- I decided to paint my office floor with the Valspar Taupe from our living room floor project and Martha Stewart's Darkening Skywhich we used to paint the kitchen cabinets a few weeks ago. 

I mapped out these wide stripes on an angle, taped them out with blue tape, and then rolled them out, back and forth until I got to the door. As they say, "Don't paint yourself into a corner." Ha. I also like the other paint-based cliche "Have an exit strategy." My exit strategy was walk. A reliable bet.

I'm pretty thrilled with the results so far-- still so much left to do-- but I did put up those brilliant orange sheer drapes that Julia picked up from West Elm: $12.99/each! Talk about keeping your budget in check! Yow-za!

So that's where we stand today--

 I'll keep you posted on my progress with The Nate Show and their crew...

Very exciting!!


  1. So totally loving this!! GORGEOUS!

  2. Thanks! We're hard at work-- hopefully I'll have a proper office once I've finished up... So much to do!