Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn: Now We're Cracking!

Mummy arrived in New York a couple of days ago, and after many merry festivities, we're now officially underway, working to get my office set up. Let the slave-labor commence!

Where We Stand Now: Last weekend, John got the shelves and danish modern cabinet leveled and bolted to the wall (so they won't tip over and schmoosh my intern) and then we installed a ceiling fan, so she won't bake to death in this summer heat (or at least she will bake more slowly...) Julia and I finished painting the walls a bright and airy coat of Decorator's White, and now we're moving into the "Lug-Boxes-From-Grand-Street" phase of this project, which is always my favorite part!

This is not true.

However, once we get everything up there, this is where The Mother Figure will really shine, as she is an organizational wizard--- and this small space is going to require an extra-magical dose of wizardry to get everything in!

Presto-Chango Mummy!

Check back later this week to see our leaps and bounds of progress... Never under estimate the determination of The Mother Figure! 

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