Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Renovate New Jersey? Done and Done!

Okay. Back in action! My stint working on the project for The Nate Show was a terrific success and a great pleasure, but unfortunately, I've been sworn to top-secret-super-sonic-secrecy until the web-isode airs later this summer, so I can't fill you in on the details any more than that. OOOoohhh... Keeping secrets is HARD and totally not my strong suit. Just ask John.

Maybe I could just mention that we used these two beautiful colors from Valspar in the project, and then your imaginations can run wild, wondering how we used them... Hopefully that won't get me in big trouble with the folks over at The Nate Show, but if I go missing, you know where to look!

Now that I'm finished working on that project, it's back to the task at hand: Getting my own office up and running, and looking like a place suitable for an interior designer to work. It sort of sets the bar high, being that I design other people's offices-- mine better look good too!

Check back soon to see my progress...


  1. during these trying economic times, I'm truly impressed by what you're able to accomplish with little money. It is a testament to your ingenuity.

  2. Thanks Jessie! Keep checking back, as things are only going to get more inventive now that I have this new office to contend with. Not only is my budget tight, my space is pretty tiny too.