Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn: The Grand Dining Room

Check us out!  
Here is our new and beautiful dining room in all its splendor! We've moved the kitchen table and chairs into what used to be my home office, and have redesigned the shelves and drawers that were once used for my office storage-- they now house our books, art work, and household goodies.

It should be noted that these photographs have been strategically taken so as to NOT HIGHLIGHT how damaged and sad looking our dining room table is, but I've been so busy, I haven't even had time to hunt for a new one, or ponder obsessively about how to improve the one we've got... It had occurred to me that CHALK BOARD PAINT could be kind of an awesome solution to my table-top woes...

I was thinking that if I painted it with the chalk-board paint, that could tide me over until I found something fabulous (and cheap!) to replace the table with... plus I could write the menu on it when we have people over for dinner, and/or my incredibly talented artsy friends (like Justin and Julia) can doodle beautiful art-scapes on it while they're waiting for their dinner to be served!  

I'd say an idea is a-brewin'! 
Check back to see how this ends up... 

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