Thursday, September 8, 2011

I know, I know, it's been a while...

I really am going to get back into blogging about all of my D-I-Y antics, but I have been busy. BUUUUSSSSYYYYY.  I know I've said that before, but all of my previous "busy" was small potatoes in comparison to this busy. Whoa.

HOWEVER, I just encountered something I HAD TO MENTION, because they are so ludicrously charming, they simply can't go un-sung!

Take a gander... If you know New York or Paris, you'll love them even more, but I'm pretty sure anyone can appreciate these terrific visual simplifications of each beautiful city...

If it was legitimate for people over fifteen to make birthday wish lists, these would definitely be on mine. (Hint, hint, my birthday is next week people...


-Unbelievably beautiful new-to-me-handed-down-secretary-desk in the kitchen! 
-Mid-century desk chair reupholstered to match periwinkle kitchen cabinets! 
-New-to-me-handed-down-coffee table! 
-New smaller-dining-table-turned-chalk-board!
-Moving around all of our artwork! 
-Fully moved into office and 100% open for business! 

What if I promise I will get my act together soon? Then will you check back to see all of our progress? 

I know we're like the friend that always shows up late-- eventually you never believe they'll be on time-- but I really think this is the week. This ship is TURNING AROUND! 

Or maybe next week...

love, christina

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