Friday, September 30, 2011

Vous-pouvez accepter moins?

While in Paris, I have come to realize that almost once-a-day, I fall in love. So far this week it has been the architectural model stairs, the teeny-tiny-tomatoes, the incredible bakery down the street, les cartes des légumes (vegetable note cards!), a polka-dot blouse (sadly not in my size...) and today-- I have encountered yet another heart throb. Zut alors!

I mean seriously. It's almost ridiculous how cute this is. It is biggish too-- about 21" wide, so it's no piddly piece of art we're looking at here. It's a lucky thing that I don't have any kids yet, or I would have been completely defenseless against this "gravure" (aka. etching.) Priced at 120 euros, I had to hold my ground against temptation, however I definitely liked it enough to attempt a good haggle... "Vous-pouvez accepter moins?" (Can you accept less?) I asked in my sweetest, mangling-french accent... One glance at the piece and the kooky french lady with the 1950's glasses and a huge bright-red plume of hair replied, "Le prix est ferme." (That's french for "No dice.")

Quel dommage! 

Maybe it's for the best really, since I was on my bicycle. Almost 2 feet of art strapped onto the back of my bike as I went bobbing-and-weaving through Paris rush hour did sound a little precarious anyway... (Who are we kidding here? I totally would have made it work...) 

Check out the other hits I saw in the same shop... 

These two lovely "gravures" of outlandish birthday cakes were 80 euros for the pair, framed and all. I actually think that's a pretty good deal... if I was a richer woman. (Sadly, I'm not.)

I liked this little table too. Personally, I need another shabby-chic end table like a hole in the head, but I thought the pale blue trim paint job and matching blue glass handles were pretty charming. Clearly that was not going on the back of my bike, but I thought it was good for future inspiration, and might inspire one of my readers too. I'd say that's a project in the making! 

If any of you are struck by the glory of the lovely things I left behind, you can reach that kooky woman yourself, here.

Check back in soon to see what other wonders I unearth in 
La Ville de Lumière! 

À bientôt! 

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