Monday, October 3, 2011

Renovate Paris: Le Lustre Magnifique!

Le Lustre Magnifique! 
(aka. The Beautiful Chandelier!) 

While window shopping last week, I came across a chandelier that stopped me in my tracks. Usually anything that stops me in my tracks is so expensive that it quickly gets me going again, but this chandelier was actually hanging above a row of sweaters in a clothing shop, so money was no object... It simply wasn't for sale. Not to be defeated, I snapped a photo and vowed to hunt for it online.

Remarkably, I actually did find it-- currently completely out of stock-- on the Graham & Green website based out of the UK. The fact that they were sold out was a moot point, however, as they are 395 POUNDS each. (I took the time to convert that to US dollars and laughed out loud: $609.00. Ha!) I'm about a decade away from affording this chandelier, even if it was in stock. I could fly back to Paris for that kind of money.

I am pondering whether this wouldn't make a good do-it-yourself project when I get back to Brooklyn. It doesn't look so complicated to make... definitely not $609.00 complicated. (Is anything $609.00 complicated, if it is still simple enough to build yourself?)

If I forget, somebody remind me that I'm going to try to build one of these...! 

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