Friday, October 7, 2011

Am I the last to know??

While hunting for a particular fabric for a client-- a few thousand miles from the fabric showroom in New York-- I discovered this website:

Did you know about this? Did you ALL KNOW ABOUT THIS? 

Granted, I usually buy my fabrics straight from the vendor, so I get a great price with my designer discount, but I think that some of the pricing on this site far exceeds the "trade pricing" I receive... 

Check out some of these fabrics-- all under $25.00 a yard...

For those of you not living within a reasonable distance of the Decoration & Design Building in Manhattan, this seems like a rad resource to explore... I know I am definitely going to look here when I start my next upholstery project. 

*One thing... I have no idea what "An Inside Avenue Store" is possibly meant to mean... Thoughts? 

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  1. I believe it means that "Inside Avenue" is the parent company: