Thursday, October 6, 2011

Answer to one of life's biggest questions!

Not kidding.

I just found out what the french call FRENCH TOAST!


I'm telling you, people have literally asked me this question a dozen times (I can't imagine why, given that I just barely speak french!) and I always thought, "Ummm....". So! I just found out-- and it's a pretty awesome answer.

Pain Perdu! 

And why is this so awesome? Because literally, it translates to "Lost Bread", because the French often use left-over bread from the day before, once it has gone all chewy and hard, and make it into breakfast the next day.

Ha! I love it!
How did I discover this, you might ask? Because I'm going to make it tonight for dessert! Take a look at this picture...

Admit it. You want to come to my house for dinner now. 

I'm having two of my wonderful friends in Paris to "mon appartement" (french for my apartment!) for a dinner, and wanted to use up the last of a brioche that I received as a gift. (Have you ever tried to eat an entire loaf of brioche by yourself? No easy undertaking...) With a little research, I discovered this recipe, which I plan to attempt (minus the fancy-pants ice cream, because everyone's got their limits). I'm pretty sure that Pain Perdu, store-bought ice cream, and this "Palm Sugar Syrup" business will still be pretty freaking delicious! 

I'll keep you posted! 
Au revoir! 

Still to come: What do they call french fries? french dressing? french onion soup???

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