Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blame Halloween!

I know, I know. I have not been posting about the chandelier project (which I have yet to start...) and I haven't been posting about anything else, but I've got a good excuse this time. Really.

I have been building halloween costumes! 

Please note the use of the word "costumes." Plural. Costume-ZAH! For reasons that bewilder even me, I nominated myself not only to make my costume this year, but also a costume for my friends Jon and Mary, and another one for my John. These are the perils of over-zealous creativity. You come up with an idea, and then it falls on you to bring it into fruition. Why couldn't I suggest we all go as The White Stripes. Easy. White sweat suits. Done. Or a cheerleading squad. Easy to locate at the local Salvation Army. 

But noooooo. I had to suggest Architectural Landmarks. What did I mean by that? I meant "Let's all dress up as notable architectural structures! Yay!" Which is obviously going to be a crafting-themed project, complete with glue guns, pipe cleaners, and acrylic paint. Which I happen to own. And, voila, I was nominated as official builder of costumes. 

The good news: Our costumes are going to be awesome. Yes. Italics awesome. I will be sure to post photographs tomorrow so you can bask in our silliness too, but count on this, they're going to be awesome. 

Happy Halloween Everybody!
*Ps. A quick shout-out to Martha Stewart for her collection of loopy pumpkin carving ideas this year. That's where I found the porcupine pumpkin and silhouette pumpkin photos... Go check out her other ideas here! 

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