Monday, October 3, 2011

Featured on The Nate Berkus Show!

Taking the world by storm, 
one design-related reality show at a time! 

Over the summer, I was asked to work with The Nate Berkus Show to brighten up an outdoor living space for a family in New Jersey, and the "web-i-sode" * has just been completed and posted on their website. 

I'd like to strongly encourage you to: 

1.) Watch the "web-i-sode" on The Nate Berkus Show website.
2.) Send the link to everyone you've ever met...
3.) Strongly encourage them to watch it too. 

Most importantly, if you're a part of Facebook, please click the "Like" button, so that the people at The Nate Berkus Show know just how great you guys think I am (and that they should definitely invite me back for lots of future episodes too)!  

Check me out! 

*web-i-sode= Episode on the web... Not my wording! : )

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