Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn: Lucky Ducks Are We!

I just received my birthday present from John's parents! 

Well-- to be clear-- I was actually "gifted" this gift in September, but the turn-around time took a little while, hence the delay... I don't want anyone thinking this is a super-duper belated gift on their part... : ) 
They bought me (us) a pair of those awesome prints I pined for in an earlier blog entry... the Paris Vs. New York prints! I am now the proud owner of "Bagel Vs. Baguette" and "Metro Vs. Subway". They're even better in person, and look fantastic in our dining room. We couldn't be more thrilled!

Mega-thanks guys! They're awesome!

It also gave me a chance to "shake up" the art work in our apartment, which is always a pleasure. I really like the idea of not being married to one specific configuration or piece of art, and letting the art work change and evolve like the seasons... (Added bonus: This philosophy requires an ever growing collection of art work! Also great!)

This is particularly good news, because upon visiting the Paris Versus New York website again, I see that they've come out with even more great comparisons since my last look.

It appears that they are only blog-postings for now, but hopefully they'll evolve into more fabulous frame-ables soon, which I can incorporate into my collection as well! Check out the latest hits below...

Make sure to check back on the Paris Vs. NYC blog regularly... It's great for a smile! 

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