Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sneak-Peek #1: The Restoration Hardware-Inspired Salvaged Desk and Clamp Lamp

The big work table in the photo at left is from Restoration Hardware, but is super-duper similar to the desk we've just acquired. It was truly a great find-- we bought it for $100.00 right out of the barn of a local farmer. Now that's salvaged!  Initially, I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to do with it, I just knew that for 100 buck-a-roos, it was a deal not to miss. Once we moved the salvaged work bench/desk into the living room, it was clear something was missing. I couldn't quite figure it out, and then-- like a lightning bolt-- a clamp lamp! Something arching over the end of the desk to anchor it in the corner of the room, that's what I needed!

I searched Craig's List... nothing great... I looked at the usual suspects online (Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware) ... everything was way beyond our budget, and truth be told, looked too new and shiny to be at home in our house... I looked at antique shops online... way beyond our budget too. Then I found a lamp! In my budget! On Craig's List! In Brooklyn! (Only, it was the wrong color...) After a brief consultation with John to make sure it would work,  I picked up a can of Rust-O-Leum Metallic finish in Brass, and presto-chango, our lamp became just the lamp I was looking for!

And voila, this is what the new desk and clamp-lamp are looking like today...

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