Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Renovate Fox Ridge: The Trailer, by day!

As promised, here are some more photos of the trailer, in its new, spiffy state! John and I slept in the trailer this weekend (not on a whim...but because we had five other friends up to Fox Ridge to celebrate our friend Mary's birthday... Happy Birthday Mary!!!)

Sleeping in here was a very funny comedy of errors. We started out up on the bunk-bed, which is a double-sized bed that hangs about 18" from the ceiling of the camper. We both climbed up the little ladder, laid down, and John turned to me: "What do you think?" he asked, with his nose nearly grazing the ceiling. I started to giggle. "It's great. Like sleeping in a coffin." At this point, we both started laughing so hard that the dog got all worked up and tried to climb the ladder so he could join in the fun. This seemed like an accident in the making...

That obviously wasn't going to end well, so we moved down to the dining area, which converts to a twin bed. This was equally, though differently snug, as the dog insisted on sleeping with us, so it was John, William, and me, all tangled together on an itty-bitty single mattress. Needless to say, I woke up the next day in the shape of a pretzel. 

I've never been so happy to get back to Brooklyn in my life! 

Despite the slightly cramped sleeping arrangements, we're super happy with how the trailer is looking! Check out our little salvaged dresser, brought back to life with a quirky paint job and some new brass knobs... The little lamp, also discovered up in our barn... And of course, the vast collection of throw pillows, which add a cozy-cluttered air to everything! A job well done! 

Now, back to work in Brooklyn! 

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