Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yikes: Money doesn't buy you taste!

The New York Times just did this funny piece in the Home & Garden section, featuring all of the houses of the current republican presidential contenders. It's a good thing politicians aren't elected for their aesthetic preferences, or Michelle Bachman would be completely unelectable. 

That environmental/suburban nightmare was purchased for a mere $760,000. Jiminy cricket! That was not money well spent. She has more roofs than my block in Brooklyn, and seemingly no windows on the second story of the house. Yish!

If we were voting based on aesthetics alone (can we all promise not to bring politics into this please?) I'm inclined to think Mitt Romney might be the winner in this republican house tour, with his antiquated shingle-clad oasis in New Hampshire. Not bad really, though I'm not sure if owning four houses spread across the United States is considered to be environmentally friendly either. 

Jon Huntsman Jr. has pretty nice digs too... A stately brick townhouse in Washington, D.C. Not too shabby. And apparently it comes with a famous culinary background to boot. 

I confess-- I think my favorite might be Obama's family home in Chicago, which is a lovely victorian brick house. Maybe it's just my aesthetic bias, but I'm inclined to pronounce him the official winner! 

Fingers crossed! 

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